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Hey, I’m Austin Johnson, or as some people call me Chris Pratt. I was raised in Corcoran, Minnesota with my mom Colleen, and my older sister Shelby. Growing up, Corcoran was filled with many things to do. My family would go camping, I played football, I threw for track and field, youth group, and I was even in band and choir in high school. The way I got involved in Spoke folk was by an awesome lady named Rebecca Warren. She invited Eric Arundel, who was the director of Spoke Folk at the time, to come talk to our youth group. He was able to get a couple of people to tour in 2013. After a year had passed, the kids that toured convinced me to do my first tour: Minnesota 2014. I have now done a total of 7 tours from Minnesota to Indiana and Colorado and Michigan, and more to come in the future!

I am a film and video production major along with a communications major at Crown College. Crown College is a Christ-centered college that prepares us to be prepared to lead as we are called to serve. I have been on many trips through Crown as well and have been out of the country twice and plan on going to Africa this summer to research poisonous scorpions.

Spoke Folk has had such a significant impact on me Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. The way that it has impacted me physically is just by biking. I have roughly done a total of 2100 miles on a bike alone on Spoke Folk, and that has given me legs of steel! Mentally by being able to push yourself to do things that you didn’t think that you could do on every single bike ride. Along with the lifelong friends that I have met that support me. And spiritually being able to be surrounded by people that are willing to help me walk in my faith step-by-step is something I never had before coming to Spoke Folk.

Fun facts about me are I like to go swing dancing, along with photography and singing. I am in my school’s choir and photography team. I try and do my best to get outside every day and go for a hike in the woods. And I love to travel and visit state parks.

I am genuinely thankful for everything that God has given me; I am also grateful for the family that God has blessed me with. I’m very blessed to be connected to such a unique ministry! Where people are open and accepting and loving to all and are full of joy.

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  1. Ted and Kathy Gwillim

    Very cool to see this article about you ! You are really a great nephew and we know God will bd using you as you go to your next call to Africa prayers for u and your group Lov aunt Kathy and uncle ted

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