Spoke Folk is an entirely volunteer run organization. From national leadership to counselors on tour, individuals give their time and talents to this ministry because of their passion for seeing lives changed for the sake of the Gospel. The ministry operates on a small budget, covering essentials like insurance, support vehicles, sound equipment, food, and materials. Registration costs for participants are intentionally kept low so anyone wanting to participate in Spoke Folk is able to do so. Help keep this life-changing ministry on the road. Here are some great ways you can help!

Make a financial gift (recurring or one-time). See the “Click to Donate” button below.

Amazon.com – Do you purchase items using Amazon? Switch to using www.smile.amazon.com and select Spoke Folk as the ministry you support and .5% of your purchase will be donated to Spoke Folk. This doesn’t cost you anything; it is simply a benefit Amazon offers to non-profits.

Thrivent Choice Dollars – Are you a Thrivent member? Consider directing your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Spoke Folk. Many Thrivent members receive a certain amount of choice dollars to direct to the charity of their choice. Log in to your thriven account to director your choice dollars.

Thivent Action Teams – Click HERE to learn more about Action Teams. Each Thrivent member can apply for two $250 visa gift cards for the ministry of their choice. There’s a short application process but it’s quite simple and we can help if you are having trouble getting it approved.