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What is Spoke Folk?

Spoke Folk is a community passionate about living and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By learning positive faith building habits and sharing experiences that are physically, mentally and spiritually challenging within our supportive community of believers, Spoke Folk alumni go home more confident in their faith and with more fire to share the love of Jesus with their community back home. Our mission is to help young people become missionaries in their daily lives. Learn more!

Here’s National Director, Ryan, talking more about Spoke Folk

Join us on a Spoke Folk tour!

Each summer and sometimes over winter break, Spoke Folk holds 12-day biking tours of up to 30 participants (15-20 years old) and 10 adult counselors (21+) from across the country. We put together a worship program filled with music, testimonies, drama and even a puppet show for the children and then travel around by bicycle, around 35 miles/day, to new congregations. We share the program and engage in relationship ministry with the congregation. After the congregation leaves for the evening, we participate in small group ministry (families), develop discipleship habits and share in evening devotionals. 

Edna is retiring!

One of our beloved 15-passenger vans is nearing the end of her journey. Edna, being almost 20 years old and having 250,000 miles to her name, has served Spoke Folk well for many years but it’s time for her to move on!
It’s not just her age or miles…the side doors are literally breaking off their hinges, more and more rust is forming on the body, she’s at about a 60/40 split on whether or not she’ll start when you turn the ignition, and the interior is falling apart…including exposed wires, missing carpet, and demolished arm rest.  
Please help us send Edna to retirement by donating to the Edna Retirement Fund! We aim to raise $20,000 so that Spoke Folk can replace Edna with a newer 15-passenger van. These vans are an essential part of the ministry. We wouldn’t be able to transport the people and equipment we have without them. 
With this holiday and giving season upon us, please consider supporting Spoke Folk with a gift to help us get to our goal. Whether you can give $5,000, $1,000, $250, or $25…every bit helps and we appreciate your prayerful and generous support!
For those of you who know Spoke Folk well whether because you are an alumni or family member, you know how impactful this ministry is and how much we rely on our vans. Please help keep Spoke Folk on the road to impact the next generation of SFers.
If you aren’t familiar with Spoke Folk but know us (Ryan & Allie), know that this ministry has been around over 40 years and reaches 100’s of youth and adults each summer, encouraging them and training them to be missionaries in their daily lives. Many alumni have gone on into both paid and volunteer positions within youth groups, churches, etc. This ministry makes a difference and your support is greatly appreciated!

Donate to Edna's Retirement!

First time on Spoke Folk? We believe in this ministry and what God is doing and want you to be part of it so we’re making it even easier. Every first time Spoke Folker gets 50% off their registration fee! Simply register via the links below and indicate on your registration that it’s your first tour and we’ll adjust the total due after your $75 deposit is made.

Why Spoke Folk?

  • Because we all need more Jesus and Spoke Folk helps challenge and train young people to grow closer to Jesus and to share the good news with others
  • Because this world is sadly lacking in positive, faith inspired community and Spoke Folk provides a welcoming, loving and supportive community of believers

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